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Subscribe page design and configuration

Subscribe page is the name of the page where your subscribers can join your lists. You can have as many subscribe pages as you want, and you can make them look like your website. 

You can customize your subscribe pages in various ways. You can edit the default design, which will affect all the pages, on your Config > Settings page, and/or you can tweak the design of individual pages using the Header and Footer boxes on the subscribe page editor.  

Modifications from within the Config > Settings page 

Go to Config > Settings from the main menu, and scroll down to the subscription-ui settings area. Here you can edit the html of the pages, and also a few basic settings.

Modifications from within the subscribe page editor 

The Header and Footer boxes in the General Information section of Config Subscribe Pages > add/edit a page can be used to edit the HTML of an individual subscribe page.

The html in these boxes is generated from the defaults in Config > Settings subscription-ui settings, which can also be edited (see above).

You don't need to use <HTML> <head> etc, as phpList already includes this for you. However, you can add your own Meta Tags and CSS file links or your own <scripts> just so long as all these extras are above the </head>.

If you create your own CSS styles for your page, save the file outside of the phpList folder structure, for example in the stylesheets directory. Then add a rel link to the new file above the </head> tag. Keeping it outside of the phpList folder structure will make it easier to upgrade later on.

Advanced Customisation

You may wish to heavily customise of your Subscribe page, to make it look like it is part of your website (rather than third party software).

You should use a HTML editor for this task. You create a blank page in your HTML editor, then copy and paste the contents of the Header box and replace the code </head> <body> in the HTML editor with the copied code.

You will need to be careful with exactly how much you paste into the Header box and whatever you do paste must fit within the <TABLE> below the <!-- Top table starts -->


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