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The phpList translations system lives at and is a Weblate self-hosted installation. Weblate is an open source, community-driven continuous localization system. We’d like to thank everyone for making this great software available for free and invite you to the Weblate Contributions page!

How to translate phpList

  • Express your interest for translating phpList at the community forum. New contributors are able to only Suggest translations and not Save, to ensure that spam users will not add inaccurate terms.
    • Someone with admin rights will upgrade your account so you will be able to save your changes.
  • Register a new account by clicking the “Register” button in the upper right corner of your screen. You will receive a confirmation email at the provided email address.
  • Browse the list of languages that are already there.
    • In case your desired language is not listed, at the bottom of the list, you will see a “Start new translation” button where you can select the language you want.

Receive the newly translated strings

The newly translated strings will be committed automatically to the phpList translations repository on GitHub and will be merged prior to every release. To receive the newly translated strings, check for new phpList versions and simply update your languages by clicking “Update Translations” under “System”.

Keep in mind that suggested strings are not included in the next phpList release.