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The footer

  • Is an active feature of the software, not simply a description of a design element
  • Can be edited for each campaign from the content tab of the campaign workflow
  • Is replaced by a secondary footer when the Forward to a Friend system is used
  • Should contain the [UNSUBSCRIBE] placeholder
  • Is placed in the template with the [FOOTER] placeholder

What is the footer?

In your template design you may have many elements which you think of as being "the footer." In the image below, for example, the blue and black colored areas and all the content within them would commonly be described as the "footer."

However, you may not wish to add all of this into your phpList footer. For example, in the image below only the "update your preferences" and "unsubscribe" elements are within the phpList footer system. The rest is in the template itself.


You may wish to choose which items go into the phpList footer carefully because:

Adding your footer

Everything that goes in the phpList footer is added separately from the rest of the template. To situate the a footer to your template use the [FOOTER] placeholder.


You should design your footer as a separate .html file





 As well as in your campaigns when you send them.


The Forward to Friend footerOn the Config > Settings page, there is a second footer called Footer used when a message has been forwarded.

If you use the [FORWARD] placeholder, and a subscriber forwards the email, this footer will replace the usual one. It contains the following text:

This message has been forwarded to you by [FORWARDEDBY].

You have not been automatically subscribed to this newsletter.

If you think this newsletter may interest you, you can [SUBSCRIBEURL] and you will receive our next newsletter directly to your inbox.

If you wish to use the forward to friend system you should edit this footer so that it has the correct appearance while maintaining the appropriate text. 


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