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Sending a web-page

To send a web page rather than a message to your subscribers, log in to your phpList admin pages, then choose to Send a Campaign Admin>Campaigns>Send a Campaign

From this page, click on Send a New Campaign (or edit an existing Campaign). In this example, I'll use Send a New Campaign.


This results in:


Choose Send a Webpage rather than Compose message and you should see this:


In the send a web page - URL box, enter the path of the webpage you wish to send. Click outside the box and the URL is validated.

If you get this message, then check and double check that the page you have entered actually exists. The URL does look correct, but the page does not in fact exist.


Once the page to be sent has been validated, simply select the template for your message (optional), the list to which you wish to send to (required), check that the embargo time is correct and send the campaign out.

 Display Issues

Be aware that most email readers, especially those web-based ones (Hotmail/Outlook, Gmail etc) will not show images by default, it will be up to your subscribers to decide if they wish to receive images in emails by (usually) clicking on a link in the email reader. Don't assume that your images will automatically appear, so make sure your webpage includes ALT Text for each image in your page when designed.


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