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phpList has been built with the collective efforts of the Open Source community that write code, help QA, report bugs, and translate the software.

Developing phpList

Release Candidates (Beta)

phpList has a rapid Agile release cycle. Every 2 months a new Release Candidate (Beta version) will be released including changes from GitHub and new Translations. From the day an RC is released, usually, a new stable version will be released in 10 days. In case bugs are found in the RC, another RC will be released with a fix. This will continue until we have a stable RC that we can turn into a final, stable release for production.

All the phpList development happens in public repositories on GitHub. If you would like to submit a change:

  1. create a new branch (try giving the branch a descriptive name)
  2. make any changes you would like on that new branch
  3. create a Pull Request asking to merge your branch with Master
  4. Sign Contributor License Agreement (CLA)
Reporting issues

Release Candidates are published on GitHub Releases, SourceForge, and Docker Hub. The RC will be announced at the Discussion community forum for the community to check. Issues are reported at:

  • Discussion community forum
  • GitHub Issues

Final Release

Once we have reached a stable RC that has no bug reports, the Final Version will be released for anybody who wants to use phpList in production. You can download a copy of the latest phpList version from:

  • the official Download page
  • Docker Hub
  • SourceForge