The templating system in phpList is designed to create a workflow that keeps things simple for the campaign creator.

The Templating Workflow in phpList

There are two elements to the workflow:

  1. Creating and uploading a template; this is done very rarely
  2. Choosing and using the template; this is done for every campaign

Step one is the more complex and it is often done by a web designer or system administrator. We cover this in the creating a template chapter.  There is also a really easy templates chapter to help you if you do not have a designer.

The second part of the workflow is very simple. The person creating the campaign simply selects the template by name from a drop down menu after the campaign message has been written.

The template is then applied during sending, like a wrapper around the text, and the person sending the campaign does not come into contact with the template code at all.

The template is not applied to emails sent to subscribers who request a plain text email.

An infographic about templating in phpList

How to use templates in phpList


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