Troubleshooting Techniques

This chapter gives you some hints on how to troubleshoot a problem in phpList. 

Where to go first

The first place to go for help is, especially - this page has the most up-to-date list of support resources and will guide you through the process of getting help step by step.

Describing your problem

One of the biggest barriers to problem solving is being able to describe the problem clearly and in enough detail. There is a useful article here to help you with that - it's especially worth a read if you are "not very technical".

If you have an error message

If you have an error message, try pasting it into a search engine. All our forums and documentation are fully indexed by search engines, and your solution is likely to pop up in the results.

Don't give up!

If you have a problem that is hard to solve, it could be a "bug." In this case, take a look at the bug reporting process described on the community site - our developer team may be able to fix your problem in the next version.


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