DIY: Super Simple Template

We have made a very basic template for you to use. You will also need

  • A version of your logo or similar image measuring 300px wide.

Download and save the template

Download the template by clicking here and then saving the file to your PC.

Upload the template to phpList

Go to Campaigns > Manage campaign templates.

uploading a template

Click add new template.

add new template 

Give your template a name, for example My Newsletter Template. Then click Browse.

 name the template and choose the file to upload

Select the file you downloaded earlier, called basic-template.html, from your computer and click Open.

select the template

Then click Save Changes.

save template 

Upload your logo to phpList

You will then be directed to add your logo. Remember, it must be no more than 300 pixels wide. Click Browse.

add your logo

Select your logo file from your computer and click Open.

choose logo file

Click Save Images

Make the template your default?

You will see your new template added to your list of existing templates. If you will use this template for most of your campaigns, click the radio button under Campaign Default.

 make template default

Copy this footer text

<a href="[PREFERENCESURL]" title="Update your preferences">Update your preferences</a> | <a href="[UNSUBSCRIBEURL]" title="Unsubscribe" >Unsubscribe</a>

Add the footer to phpList

First go to Config > Settings.

add footer from config setting menu

Then scroll down till you find the Campaign Settings area.

edit default footer

Click the edit icon

paste in footer code

Delete the contents up to the -- and right-click to Paste in the html you copied from this chapter.

paste n footer code

 Click Save Changes.

save new footer

Any new campaigns will now use this footer by default.

Using your new template

Compose a new campaign. In this example I have pasted the html from my latest blog.

send a campaign with a template

Check that you are using your template by clicking Next and examining the Format tab.

choose template on format tab 

Send a test message using the Send test box at the bottom of the page.

send test message

Take a look at the email when it arrives. You will notice your logo displays even when other, remote images are blocked, because phpList has sent it as an attachment.

 campaign using template but images are blocked

And you can see your template has been applied,

template is applied


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